Personal Protection Outside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home is a 9 hour classroom and range course which teaches the skills necessary to safely carry a concealed firearm on the street, in one's car... outside the home. This course picks up where the Personal Protection in the Home course leaves off and teaches skills including how to safely draw a gun from a hip holster or concealment handbag. Successful completion of Personal Protection In the Home is a prerequisite for attending Personal Protection Outside the Home.

Instructor coaches candidate through kneeling around barricades  Student @ Range

The cost of this course is $200.  Students may bring their own firearms, hearing, and eye protection or have them provided at the course. Each student is responsible for purchasing their own ammunition if they are not using a Piedmont-supplied firearm.

This is not a class for beginning shooters. Successful completion of the Personal Protection In the Home class is a prerequisite for all attendees. You must be able to hit a paper plate at 15 feet with a handgun in order to get the maximum benefit from the range session.

Our Personal Protection Outside the Home calendar is on the main page. To register, send e-mail to

Do not bring your ammo to the class!
Leave the ammo in the your vehicle until you arrive at the range.