Personal Protection in the Home

Personal Protection is an 8 hour classroom and range course which teaches you the legal aspects of personal protection in the home, along with strategies for home protection, and advanced shooting techniques. Topics covered include:

Over an hour is dedicated to discussion of firearms and the law: possession, ownership, and the use of deadly force. This lesson is taught by a lawyer or law enforcement officer and includes:

A color photograh showing instructor coaches candidate through kneeling around barricades. A color photograph showing a student shooting at the indoor range.

The cost of this course is $185. The class fee includes all class materials (books, handouts), as well as use of Piedmont's .22 firearms, ammo, and eye/ear protection.

Classroom instruction is held at the Holiday Inn Chantilly Dulles Expo Center, 4335 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA.

The class begins at 9 AM and breaks for 1 hour for lunch at approximately 1pm. Classroom activities end at approximately 5 PM; students have two hours for dinner and travel to the range at Blue Ridge Arsenal (about a mile away). Range time starts at 7 PM and ends by 9 PM, depending on the number of students.

Use of Piedmont's .22 firearms and ammo are included in the price of the course but most students who are ready for Personal Protection in the Home will likely want to bring their own defensive handgun. Either way, feel free to use Piedmont's hearing, and eye protection.

If you are bringing your own ammunition, please take note that The range requires all handgun ammunition to be fully or partially jacketed. No cast lead bullets are allowed.

NO LIVE AMMO is permitted in the CLASSROOM.

This is not a class for beginning shooters. We suggest novice shooters complete Basic Pistol before taking this advanced Personal Protection course. Basic Pistol, an proof of completion of an equivalent course, or the approval of a member of Piedmont's instructor cadre is required before taking Personal Protection in the Home. You must be able to hit a paper plate at 15 feet with a handgun.

Our Personal Protection in the Home class calendar is on the main page. To register, send e-mail to

Do not bring your ammo to the class!
Leave the ammo in the your vehicle until you arrive at the range.