How to Contact Piedmont NRA Instructors

Send email to to register for a scheduled class or to ask about Piedmont's availability for custom instruction classes.

Accounts receivable and payable inquiries may be directed to

We prefer to do business via email whenever possible.

US Postal Service
Piedmont's mailing address (for prepayment checks and other correspondence) is:

Piedmont NRA Instructors, Inc.
PO Box 17283
Dulles Airport Station
Washington, DC 20041-7283

Telephone, TTY, FAX
Piedmont can be reached at 1-877-9PISTOL (877-974-7865). If Northern Virginia is a local call for you, we'd appreciate it if you saved us a few pennies by calling 703-345-4341 instead.

Our President, Nan Sanders, is deaf. If you're deaf as well and would like to communicate with Nan via TTY, send mail to and ask to schedule a time that you can chat keyboard to keyboard.

We do not have fax facilities at this time but are happy to receive scanned documents via email.